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Earn 100% Gratuity Every Time!

As I watch Kai, "The Content and Focused Four Year Old", playing in the sand, I have such appreciation for this moment. But I know that true gratitude isn't just appreciating the pleasantries. It means embracing all of the moments. Even as he's yelling at me while I'm running late, stuck in traffic, with my body in excruciating pain, before I've even had my first sip of coffee. I can't say that I'm at a place of appreciating these moments as much as I do the quiet playtime in the sand, but I do know that they have equal importance and both represent an opportunity for me.

We share your thoughts, experiences, and visuals of life because we all have a desire to connect and to be connected with- to belong .It is a statement of your gratitude. We acknowledge miracles moving in every corner of our lives. Even in the darkest place, light is shed to give others hope. Be a joyful witness to the rhyme of grace. Build a monument to gratitude out of your unprecedented dedication. You, and only you, are the token of appreciation that has been given. Give some of yourself to others, it goes a long way.

Meister Eckhart says, "If the only prayer you say in your whole life is thank you, it will be enough." So I will start there...."Thank you, Amen"

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