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How Laughing Helps Extend Life!

Laughter helped me open my heart to a guy I never thought I would ever see as more than a friend so I absolutely agree with the connection between laughing and joy. On day that I feel poorly, am stressed or sad, I make an additional effort to smile at everyone I see. Recently, I had to have a medical procedure and I caught myself getting really upset. I kept telling myself the same stories in effort to reason with destiny. Why should I be in need any medical attention? I'm way too young for these types of issues. I work out regular. I eat well. Hell, I'm even a good person here and there.

But I caught myself.

None of those thoughts help connect me with my joy. Particularly since there are a whole lot of "good people" that find themselves in imperfect health. Some really great people are met with the most serious health issues, but they smile despite! Never pass on an opportunity to laugh and smile.

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